What day is this, anyway?

I‘m not sure what’s even going on. Isn’t this Tuesday? I keep thinking it’s Thursday for some reason, which is just nutty. But I’m really happy it’s not Thursday, since that would mean that I haven’t completed all of the preparations that I need to make before my sweet nephew comes on Friday for a visit. Can’t wait to see that kid!

For today, however, I need to catch up on some blogging. I have really slacked in the blog department, and I can’t even figure out why. Jut need a little inspiration, I suppose. Our fur babies are certainly a great source of inspiration, so here they are!!

These nerds make the house a lot of fun. Except for during the afternoons, when you will find them totally zonked out between the hours of 10am and about 4pm. Sometimes they wake up just in time for bed. What a life!

They love each other! 🙂 How sweet.

Anytime that I had the thought that I might get to do some work on the computer, one of the three fuzzballs usually has alternative plans. You can see that here. This is not an uncommon sight in our office.

Their little faces follow us all over the house. Even if I go outside to water the plants or feed the birds, they’re right there watching intently.

Dobby fell asleep this day after reading the new issues of Oprah and Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazines.
It can be very exhausting turning all of those pages with a paw!


A few new pics:


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