Pisa: the city where I lost my watch

Pisa - Campo dei MiracoliIf you’re gonna lose you watch in any city in Italy, why not lose it in Pisa?

I have no idea how it came off, or where it landed, but it has to be someplace in the Campo dei Miracoli, or the Field of Miracles. Maybe it fell into one of those ancient holes in the ground where water runs down.

I stuck a banana peel into one of those holes. It was my birthday. I took certain liberties. Plus, a banana peel is biodegradable. Not like I was littering for real.

But still, don’t tell anyone.

working really hard

Pisa is a great little city. The Leaning Tower and Cathedral are located inside of the old city walls. Once you get past the huge line of vendors’ tents and street peddlers, there is a pretty old town there.

I can’t be there without constantly thinking of Galileo Galilei, who was born in Pisa. I don’t know why.

Maybe it’s just that such a great scientist and thinker who had an incredibly massive impact on history is from this little town. Sure makes Pisa seem bigger when you look at it like that.

The first time I visited Pisa, tourists were not allowed to climb the Tower. It was still closed off to the public so that it could be anchored to the ground and stabilized for future generations. They say it can stand another 100 years or so since it has been fixed. (Can you really fix it?)

I remember the Italian news media flipping out when it was finally finished. Everyone in the country was excited about the Tower being open again. However, only a certain number of people at a time/per day can climb to the top. I guess they want to make sure not to add too much unnecessary pressure to the building.

I love the fact that you can walk around this huge cathedral and find seemingly random decor in the marble. Some of the words you can find are upside down in marble blocks. Makes you wonder if someone messed up and put it in the wrong way, or if that holds some significant meaning.

Some of the decoration is simple, like a lone flower. Then again, some of it is more complex and harder to decipher. This photo I took shows a flower placed to the top left of what could be a tree design, or some sort of floral. What is it? What does it mean? Who put it there?

These grand little treasures surround the whole building. That part, to me, is more interesting than the cathedral as a whole. I want to know what all of the little things signify.PisaPisa, Italy

I still haven’t ventured up to the top of the Leaning Tower. For no other reason than the fact that I just didn’t feel like climbing 296 steps to reach the top floor. Call me lazy.

Now I wish I had trekked up there. Who knows when I will get the chance again.


4 thoughts on “Pisa: the city where I lost my watch

  1. I was totally lame in Pisa. We came there to pick up a friend at the airport and had to high tail it back to Florence for a schedlued date with David. All the way there and we didn’t even see the tower. Florence however was great.

  2. Hmm…strange things set in marble, including flowers (is that a rose?) and upside down words, all in the hometown of Galileo. This sounds like a Dan Brown novel waiting to happen. 🙂
    I wouldn’t want to climb all those stairs either, but I bet the view is pretty cool. I climbed something like 200+ stairs to the top of the lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida. View was great, but it was definitely exhausting. And I was a bit terrified at the top.

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